TAKE the time you need to find your puppy!  Research this wonderful breed, get your cairn from a reputable breeder and get the terms in writing!  A good resource for information on the Cairn Terrier and breeders in your area is the Cairn Terrier Club of America website.   Your breeder should be active in the breed and knowledgable in genetics of inheritance.

At SnowedOn, puppy sales are not our major goal -- we do have a waiting list most of the time for puppies.  
Our goal is to produce that "top winning show dog" for us, and HEALTHY, intelligent, sound, quality pets for others at a reasonable price. We want you to be happy with the Cairn Terrier you choose and have a loving companion for a lifetime.  For this reason, we willingly give out referrals to other top kennels in the USA and Canada. 

Which Puppy?  
There are times when we can not tell which puppies out of a litter will go into the show ring and which puppies will be placed in pet homes until 10 - 12 weeks old.  If you have had a cairn (or a terrier) before - we may agree to place your puppy at 8 weeks old if you agree to carefully follow our written guidelines for socialization and behavior training. 

The wait can be frustrating especially if you are excited about getting your puppy.  However, we need that time to evaluate each puppy's personality and make absolutely sure that we do not make an inappropriate placement.  We will not place a puppy with you that is not suited to your lifestyle no matter how cute it is.   Because we have had the same lines for years and have owned or shown with the majority of the dogs in our pedigrees, we are quite accurate when we evaluate the personalities of our puppies.  We see temperament first, then sex, appearance/color.  You need to do this, too when choosing any dog. 

Another important reason we do not place puppies under 10 weeks of age is that Cairn Terrier puppies learn many CRITICAL social skills during their last few weeks with their mother.  Good Terrier mothers "lay down the law" with the puppies the last few weeks. Our Cairn puppies learn to respect authority from their mother and the other adult Cairn girls in our house and they will transfer this respect to you.   

We also start the housetraining and crate training process at week 8 so they are will on their way when they come to you. Puppies are extensively socialized from day one including trips to the vet for checkups, trips to the nursing home where we work, and puppy kindergarten at the Training Club.   

Puppies are born in my bedroom and family raised in our living room. We all play with the puppies by the hour.  We get to know them, we love them, and we are proud of every one!  Our ultimate objective is to produce healthy, super fun, and wonderful cairn terriers.
How do I get a puppy from SnowedOn?   

FIRST:  Please review all the information on our website.  Meet the adult cairn girls and boys and become knowledgable about genetic HEALTH TESTING .
If you are interested in one of our available puppies -  contact us with information about yourself and what you are looking for in a dog.  I am especially interested in what type of activities you would like to do with your dog (walking, hiking, etc) what qualities you would like your puppy to have and information about your family (children, ages, etc).   Do you live in the city, the country?   We would like to know if you have had a dog before - what happened to it?  We will ask for your vets name and give you ours.  Please include your state and if you will be able to come and visit us.  

Once your message is received - we will e mail back the particulars of puppies available, a discription of the parents and a copy of our written agrement.   We determine if you can make the visit to us, - we chat and process starts from there.  We do request a $100 deposit and the written agreement to hold a puppy for you.  

Can I breed my puppy?
Our pet puppies are never sold for breeding purposes.  A puppy from our program that is not going into the show ring and placed with a show contract is sold on a spay/neuter agreement with AKC Limited Registration.

Club memberships - Joan
Cairn Terrier Club of America 
SuMac Cairn Terrier Club  
Duluth Kennel Club
Northland Cairn Terrier Association

Fox Terrier Club of America
Fox Terrier Club of Central States
Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club. 

Club memberships - Jesica
Cairn Terrier Club of America
Duluth Kennel Club
Northland Cairn Terrier Association
Twin Ports Dog Training Club

Fox Terrier Club of America
Fox Terrier Club of Central States
Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club

How do we ship a dog?  
We no longer ship puppies or sell puppies sight unseen..  If you can't come to us - often we can meet you along the way as we cross country for dog shows.  

email me
Mom "ROCKY" takes a well deserved rest after delivering puppies on Christmas Day 12/25/2012! 
Puppies are born in our bedroom and grow up in our kitchen

Available Puppies
We have puppies available now to great homes.
If you are interested - please read all of the information on our site and e mail or text me.
They will be ready the end of December 2015!


Where you get your puppy is the most important decision in this process.  It is very difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction especially if you are making contacts via the internet.  I have reviewed the websites of absolute "posers" and am appalled. 

My strong recommendation is to CHECK out your breeder using reliable outside sources.  You CAN separate FACTS from Fiction by doing some on line research.  Does your breeder belong to the Cairn Terrier Club of America or one of the Regional or local AKC Kennel Clubs?  Go to Club web sites and check out the membership lists.  Is the breeder active themselves or are the photos of other people's dogs and accomplishments.  Are the pedigrees really champion lines?  Champion lines start with mom and dad. 

GO to the breeders kennel/home and see EVERY DOG ON THE PLACE.  If you cannot - VERIFY everything you can like: Club Memberships, Show participation, references, etc.  It is simple to do on the internet with a mouse click.

VERIFY, VERIFY, verify the HEALTH of the dogs being bred. 
Verifiable FACT:  
Your breeder is knowledgable about the genetic issues of the Cairn Terrier AND  health tests BEFORE BREEDING.  They are willing to provide you documentation of this testing in some form like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals public database or hard copies of Lab results/CERF forms, etc.

CLICK HERE for the Cairn Terrier Club of America Minimal Health Testing list

Fiction:  "We have never had these problems in our dogs (or our lines)".  "My vet checks over all of my dogs", or "These lines were checked by someone else"   
REALITY:  These statements say "this breeder is not health testing, does not understand genetic transmission or does not care"

CLICK here for the Minnesota Purebred Dog Associations Recommendations for selecting a breeder
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