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Breeding Excellence and Quality in terriers since 1988
Cairn Terrier Champion Males
or..... the Boys of SnowedOn
Am & Can CH SnowedOn Indiana Jones "Indiana Jones"    Birthday 12/17/2003

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Am & Can Ch Critterkin Samson of Goosedown (Sammy)           1996 -  2002
*Samson is a Goosedown Taylor Made Grandson 
bred by Patricia Hassey of Goosedown and owned by Critterkin

He was the sire and grandsire of several SnowedOn Champions
AKC DNA V157633

CH Critterkin Slates Red Buttons   "Red"    Birthday 9/23/1998 
A wonderful, typey, cairn terrier who displays a wonderful temperament and super red jacket (coat). Red Produced this thick red wire in many SnowedOn pedigrees.  Red Retired in 2003 and lives in the country dilligently keeping acres of land free of vermin and such.

CH Critterkin Sam's  Riot at SnowedOn   "Riot"      Birthday 6/18/2001
"Riot" is a SnowedOn co-bred champion -  full brother to "Marilyn" Riot is a wonderful dog, easy going and gallant.  Sire to Nettie, Adam, and BB.
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Can CH. SnowedOn Steele Rythm & Blues, TD  "Blue"    Birthday 12/26/2002
Blue is a Diva son who has the nicest temperament we've ever seen and he passed this temperament on for generations of his puppies. Blue is the sire of Twink and Grandsire of  many champions:  Casey, Katie Mae, Jazzie and Fred.  Blue Currently works as an AKC Titled Therapy Dog with Children.
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  AM & Can CH SnowedOn Red White & Blue "Twink"      Birthday 4/17/2005

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GCH CH SnowedOn J-Lyn Rough N Ready "Trace" 
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CH McAdam of Craggamore "Adam"
"jumping for joy" 
CH SnowedOn Teddy Roosevelt  "Teddy"

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This page features just a few of the SnowedOn Male Champions in our Pedigrees. 
We have been blessed with spectacular stud dogs over the years - worked hard to get them.  SnowedOn dogs are bred sparingly (after substantial planning) and retire to forever pet homes at about age 6.  
These are the dogs that are the parents and grand parents of your puppy!
...not just champions in the line - they ARE the line..

Having a dog bred from generations of champions ensures your dog meets the cairn terrier standard and will be a good representative of​ breed.  

However, EQUALLY IMPORTANT is Health Testing for each dog in a breeding program.  You can use the links provided with each dog to review their health testing AND their parents, siblings and off-spring.  Reputable Breeders Health Test and make those results available to the public.  If you want a healthy puppy - you must start with healthy parents. SEE OUR HEALTH TESTING section