Brags, brags......its all about us!
At SnowedOn breeding great dogs is the goal.  However, if along the way we win a few shows and produce a few champions and performance dogs for ourselves and others.... well its hard not to "brag".  
Karen and Mac 
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Cairn Terrier Champions
& Performance Title holders
SnowedOn & SnowedOn Bred 
Cairn Terrier Champions and Performance title winners by year.
with a special recognition to "Karen and Mac"  
MACH 2 Critterkin Ben Macduhi CD,RE,SE,PAX,MXP2, MFP
Most performance titles on a SnowedOn Bred Cairn Terrier
and a special acknowledgement to Barb and Dezi
GCH CH Alkay SnowedOn Diamond Rays, CD, RN, GN 
an amazing human/cairn terrier performance bond - a joy to watch
2/2013: CH SnowedOn J-Lyn Songs About Me (Sami) AKC Championship 
5/2013: CH SnowedOn Teddy Roosevelt (Teddy) Rally Novice
6/2013: CH SnowedOn Nettie Pumkin Pie (Nettie) AKC Championship
6/5/2013: CH SnowedOn J-Lyn Songs About Me (Sami) Rally Novice 
5/2013: GCH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays RN, GN  (Dezi) Grand Championship
7/18/2013: SILVER GCH CH Cragganmore Katie of SnowedOn (Katie) FIRST SILVER Grand Champion Cairn in Minnesota
7/2013: GCH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays, CDX, GN, RE (Dezi) Companion Dog Excellent
12/31: GCH CH Cragganmore Katie of SnowedOn (Katie Mae) (AKC BRONZE level Grand Championship- 178 pts)
3/10:  CH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays (Dezi) GN (Graduate Novice)
4/17:  CH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays (Dezi) (AKC Champion)
7/13:  CH Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays (Dezi) RE (Rally Excellent)
9/30:  CH SnowedOn Teddy Roosevelt (Teddy) (AKC Champion)
7/15:  GCH CH  SnowedOn J-Lyn Rough N Ready (Trace) (AKC Grand Champion)
9/15:  Can Ch SnowedOn Steele Rythm & Blues (Blue) (AKC Therapy Dog Title)
1/07: CHSnowedOn Rocky Mountain Blues(Casey) (AKC Champion) SnowedOn's 7th CTCA 5 point Goblet Win
1/30: CH Foxburn Cobb Her Stone(Cobb) (AKC Champion)
7/17: Ch Anders Rhapsody in Blue of SnowedOn (Jazzy) (AKC Ch) SnowedOn's 8th CTCA 5 PT Goblet-breeders
8/5: CH SnowedOn J-Lyn Rough N Ready (Trace) (AKC Champion)
8/27: GCH CH SnowedOn Rocky Mountain Blues (Casey) (AKC Grand Champion)
6/11: Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays, CD (Dezi) (Companion Dog)
6/11: Alkay's SnowedOn Diamond Rays,RA (Dezi) (Rally Advanced)
6/27: CH SnowedOn Silver Valle(Harriet) (AKC Champion)
7/04: GCH CH Bookers Sequel O McPooh(Paige) FIRST Cairn AKC Grand Champion in Minnesota & 6th in the USA
9/15: Can CH SnowedOn Steele Rythm & Blues RN (Twink)  (Rally Novice)
1/12:CH Craggenmore Katie of SnowedOn(Katie Mae) (AKC Champion) SnowedOn's 6th CTCA 5 pt goblet -breeder
6/06: CH Bookers Sequel O McPooh(Paige) (AKC Champion)
7/31: Am & Can CH SnowedOn Victory in Blue(Vicky Blue) (AKC Champion)
10/26:  Am & Can CH SnowedOn Joy to the World (Jeri) (AKC Champion)
5/06: Am & Can CH SnowedOn's Indiana Jones(Indiana Jones) (AKC Champion)
7/06: Am & Can CH SnowedOn's Red White & Blue(Twink) (Canadian Champion)
7/06: Canadian CH SnowedOn's Victory(Nike) ( Canadian Champion)
10/06: CH SnowedOn's Red White & Blue (Twink) (AKC Champion)
9/05: Canadian CH SnowedOn's Indiana Jones(Indiana Jones) (Canadian Champion)
2/04: Am & Can CH SnowedOn's Back to the Future (Mikey)   (Canadian Champion)
4/04: CH SnowedOn's Back to the Future (Mikey) (AKC Champion)
5/04: Am & Can CH SnowedOn's Blast From the Past(Libby) (AKC CH) SnowedOn's 4th & 5th CTCA 5 point Goblet Wins
6/04 CH SnowedOn Steele Rythm & Blues (Blue)​ (Canadian Champion)
6/04 CH SnowedOn's Joy to the World( Jeri) (Canadian Champion)
7/07:CH SnowedOn's Blast From The Past (Libby) (Canadian Champion) 
7/06: Am & Can Ch Critterkin's Legend at SnowedOn (Marilyn) (Canadian Champion)
11/15: Am & Can CH Critterkin Sam's Classic Caper (Caper) (AKC Champion) 
05/31: CH Critterkin's Legend at SnowedOn (Marilyn) (AKC Champion)   SnowedOn's 3rd CTCA 5 point Goblet Win  
09/25 Am & Can Ch Critterkin SnowedOn Centerfold (Bunny) (AKC Champion)SnowedOn 2nd CTCA 5 Point Goblet win
09/31 CH Critterkin SnowedOn Centerfold (Bunny) (Canadian Champion)            
09/02: CH Critterkin Sam's Classic Caper (Caper) (Canadian Champion)
11/02: CH Critterkin Sam's Riot at SnowedOn (Riot) (AKC Champion)
7/29: Am & Can CH Critterkin SnowedOn in Denver(Denver) (Canadian Champion)
9/01: Am & Can CH Critterkin's All Jazz at SnowedOn (Jazz) (Canadian Champion)
11/18: CH Critterkin's SnowedOn in Denver (Denver) (AKC Champion) Snowedon's 1st CTCA 5 point Goblet win!
06/18:  CH Critterkin Slate's Red Buttons(Red) (AKC Champion)
05/9 Am & Can CH Critterkin Sam's Song at SnowedOn (Diva) (AKC Champion)
05/15  CH Critterkin All Jazz at SnowedOn(Jazz) (AKC Champion)
09/05: CH Critterkin Sam's Song at SnowedOn(Diva) (Canadian Champion)

​The CTCA Awards
The Cairn Terrier Club of America Award is a coveted Silver Goblet for any 5 point major where 6 or more members of the National Cairn Terrier Club of America are defeated in direct competition (not BW, etc)  If the dog is co-owned with a non-member - a breeder goblet is given.

We are honored to have won 8 Goblets over the years - in very tough competition.

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GCH CH Alkay SnowedOn Diamond Rays, CD, RA, GN
Joan and Denver in Canada
Barb and Dezi
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