We are Active Members of:
*   The Cairn Terrier Club of America (National Breed Club)
*    The SuMac Cairn Terrier Club (Regional Cairn Terrier Club)
*    The Duluth Kennel Club (Current President , Board Member, and Show Chair)
*    The Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club (Founding Members, Show Chair)
*    Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States

Please feel free to contact us with Questions
If you are interested in a puppy:
That has been bred for genetic health, breed type and temperament,
That has been bred from generations of health tested, American and Canadian Champions 
That comes with a 100% health and temperament guarantee in writing, a microchip, well puppy vet examination and
HOURS of socialization and training ..

If you are:
A loving home for a wonderful dog
Someone who understands the responsibility of being owned by a terrier
We would love to talk with you about a SnowedOn Cairn!

email me
SnowedOn Cairns

We are formost dedicated to the advancement of this wonderful breed and it shows in our dogs!

We are an AKC Breeder of Merit:  We have been raising, showing and breeding Terriers at SnowedOn since 1986.  We are ethical, reputable and experienced breeders who work hard at making sure our dogs are just plain wonderful as pets, show and performance dogs.  

What sets us apart is our commitment to only breeding dogs that have demonstrated health, temperament and breed type that far exceeds the standards and our NO nonsense attitude toward the extensive health testing of all dogs in our program BEFORE breeding.   

We have a 100% health and temperament guarantee in writing and puppies have age appropriate shots, a microchip and are socialized extensively.  Our Cairn Terriers love kids! 

Our SnowedOn dogs win in the show ring, the obedience, agility and rally rings, and win in the hearts of their owners. Our goal is to produce top show dogs for us and wonderful pet companions for others at a reasonable price.

But I don't want a show dog - I just want a pet:  Even though you may not want to "show" your dog, you want your dog to be a healthy and good representative of the breed.  The unfortunate truth is that there is often minimal difference in the price paid between a true quality, healthy, good representative of the breed and a puppy from a substandard or commercial breeder.  BEWARE.  Take the time to find that perfect pet and ask tough questions!

Our Cairns are a joy to live with and are our valued family members. Loved and cherished in our home to be loved and cherished in your home.

We demonstrate our committment to the health of this wonderful breed and our puppies by extensively health testing adults BEFORE breeding to prevent inherited genetic disease

 Proud to be an 

  Companion, Show or Performance...
         SnowedOn Cairn Terriers do it all!

Health and temperament first -
the rest comes naturally
SnowedOn Cairn Terriers
Joan E. Eastman
Esko, MN
218 590-4145 (cell)
e mail or text is the best way to reach me
Breeding Excellence and Quality in terriers since 1988
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